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Tyler Westhause for StarWars.com catches up with Matt Wood to talk Battlefront II and the return of General Grievous.

StarWars.com: Why do you think the decision was made to bring General Grievous to Star Wars Battlefront II? 

Matthew Wood: Well, he’s been kind of a fan-favorite for a long time. In Grievous, you’ve got somebody who’s got the unique ability to wield multiple lightsabers, and he’s been trained by Count Dooku. The four lightsabers make for a very interesting looking character. His fury for the Jedi and wanting to secure his place as a Separatist leader drives him to be evil. He’s got a lot of animosity, anger, and a pretty cool skill set. Since his introduction over a decade ago, people have been interested in learning more about him and his story. This allows them to walk in his footsteps a bit.