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Game Update 5.10 Jedi Under Siege is almost here. Arriving December 2018, it’s up to you to choose a side, and here’s all the info you’ll need to make an informed choice.

All-out war is imminent… and the fate of the Jedi is in your hands.

On the ancient Jedi world of Ossus, the Sith Empire strikes the first blow in a renewed war against the Galactic Republic. As Commander of your Alliance, you must choose your loyalties: will you support your own faction, or secretly sabotage their efforts in order to support your former enemies?

In your fight, join forces with the galaxy’s most powerful Jedi Masters and Sith Lords – old and new – including seasoned Jedi Tau Idair, Master Gnost-Dural, and the ruthless Dark Councilor Darth Malora. Plus, team up with beloved Companions including Doc, Nadia Grell, Jeasa Willsaam, and Khem Val.

Embark on a brand-new storyline, fight through action-packed Ossus daily missions, show your prowess in ‘Gods from the Machine’ Master Mode Operation, acquire new gear, experience guild improvements, and more.

Join the Public Test Server to give your feedback on the update and look for more details in the coming weeks!