Star Wars: The Old Republic: Galactic Timeline History

Before the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic, the official SWTOR site posted a series of holorecords that gave a rundown of the history of the galaxy up to that point. SWTORISTA have compiled those pre-launch videos into one cohesive galactic history.

The Jedi Council requested a daunting task of Jedi Master Gnost-Dural, keeper of the Jedi archives: to revise the order’s historical records about the formation of the Sith Empire. These detailed holorecords are his trouble findings about the Fallen Jedi during the Great Hyperspace War to the more recent Jedi Civil War. His holorecordings have been translated in to a readable format for future archivists.

ATC – After Tready of Coruscant
BTC – Before Tready of Coruscant

0:00​ – Treaty of Coruscant (ATC 0).
3:39​ – The Mandalorian Blockade is Broken (BTC 7)
6:40​ – The Return of the Mandalorians (BTC 8)
9:29​ – The Empire Changes Strategy (BTC 14)
12:47​ – The Battle of Bothawui (BTC 18)
16:09​ – Onslaught of the Sith Empire (BTC 28)
19:25​ – Peace for the Republic? (BTC 103)
23:54​ – The Jedi Civil War (BTC 303)
27:35​ – The Mandalorian Wars (BTC 313)
30:58​ – The Exar Kun War (BTC 347)
35:43​ – Rebirth of the Sith Empire (BTC 1251)
40:33​ – The Great Hyperspace War (BTC 1347)

Unfinished by Gnost-Dural:

The First Dark Sith Lords on Korriban – (BTC 3247) – Exiled dark Jedi landed on Korriban and became rulers of the native Sith. They began expanding their empire.

The 2nd Great Jedi Schism – (BTC 3347) – When a small group of Jedi discovered greater power was available from the force, a conflict arose and many Jedi were exiled.

The Jedi Join the Republic – (BTC 21300) – Though much remains unknown, sometime during this period, the Jedi Order swore loyalty to the Republic.

Founding of the Republic – (BTC 21400) – The development of the hyperdrive expanded the known galaxy, to keep order, several star systems formed a democratic alliance.

The Jedi Order is Established – (BTC 22130) – Peace-minded scholars and monks who survived the explosive force war on Tython relocated and established the Jedi Order.

The Force War on Tython – (BTC 22140) – Several Tythonian scholars began using their knowledge of the force to pursue power. A conflict ensued which destroyed Tython.

Force “Discovered” on Tython – (BTC 32800) – Philosophers and scientists from several star systems gathered on Tython to share Mystical Knowledge. The Force was discovered.

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