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Earlier this evening we took a look at the continuation of the Han Solo Season on Battlefront 2 and StarWars.com delve into the other areas of the galaxy receiving fresh Solo: A Star Wars Story content.

Star Wars: Force Arena

Last week, The Star Wars Show announced the largest update to date for the popular mobile game, with new battle characters including young Han Solo and Chewbacca, as well as new villain Dryden Vos and his nefarious bodyguards. There’s also a new Datacard Quest Game Mode featuring six unique quests, which can unlock powerful new Combat Datacard rewards.

Star Wars: Commander

In celebration of Solo: A Star Wars Story, this game offers brand new vehicles, mercenaries, and starships like the AT-DT walker, AT-hauler, A-LT utility droid, and TIE gunship. And for a limited time only, you can play a four-week long in-game event featuring Saponza and Therm Scissorpunch on a mission to collect Coaxium in return for Data Fragments. You may even stumble upon some holo recordings featuring a young Lando Calrissian…

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 

In addition to Enfys Nest, you can now add Qi’ra, young Han Solo, and Chewbacca to your team in this epic era-spanning game. Even more exciting new characters are expected in the coming weeks. We think you’ll want them all to help you put together a crew. Galaxy of Heroes is also introducing some exciting updates to the popular Ships mode for faster and more tactical gameplay.