The Kickstarter has made a healthy start towards completion, with almost £1000 pledged of the required £12,000 goal but – just like Queen Amidala reached out to Jar Jar Binks and the Gungans – Fortitude of Empires needs your help. Featuring the voices of Jeremy Bulloch, Anthony Forest, Andrew Lawden, Clem So and Gary Hailes from Eastenders (best known in these parts as the commanding officer of the UK Garrison), just what is Fortitude of Empires?

Fortitude of Empires is a new battle strategy game that thrusts players into a universe where space forces compete to establish dominion over the solar system. This exciting board game includes lively graphics and an imaginative backstory that will have players eagerly awaiting their next gaming session.

2-4 players can speed through a quick version of gameplay or engage in full battle with games that last up to three hours. In an effort to capture planets, gamers’ forces have the option of terraforming planets for resource gain, lining up their defences against a bold foe, or risking it all on a daring confrontation.

Striking original scores add to the emotion of the battle while exciting scenes allow players to take a break to learn about the backstory of the universe. Game creator Paul Willis has even teamed up with actors from the original Star Wars cast, including Boba Fett actor Jeremy Bulloch. Bulloch, along with other exciting guest actors, offer captivating monologues that add an extra touch of depth to an already entrancing game.

And, beyond the obvious Star Wars connections, why is this a game you’d want to play?

Head to the Kickstarter for all the detailed information and help make Fortitude of Empires a reality before time runs out on 14th June.