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Vader Immortal Episode 3 is almost here and director Ben Snow and producer Alyssa Finley spoke with Nerdist to explain just why Star Wars fans far and wide should be clamouring to experience this game. Director Ben Snow described the situation.

“You discovered his plans to use this ancient Mustafar artifact and huge energy source. You’ve also learned about your ties to the planet and now you’ve got to lead the assault on Vader’s castle using the force and also the ancient lightsaber that you picked up in Episode Two. You have to find your way out of this castle to lead an assault on Vader’s castle on the surface of Mustafar, and you confront stormtroopers and Imperial officers and of course, finally, Vader himself.”

Alyssa Finley explained how important story is to Vader Immortal.

“I think one of the really neat things about this series is that the story’s been solid since since since the beginning, we always knew the story we’re trying to tell and that each episode would be a piece of that. The fact that you as a player have really grown and changed in your ability since episode one. There you’re really on the defensive when you’re escaping from Vader. Eventually, you got a lightsaber that you could use for a while until he took it back from you. But now over the course of the story, you’ve really garnered your own resources to a point where with the Force and with the saber Ben was talking about, in this chapter you’re really coming at that those Imperial forces from a very different place.”

Finley also discusses the infamous Lightsaber Dojo.

“I think it’s very cool. For three, we’ve added even more enemies, which changes up the dynamics and you also have a couple of different things that you can do that really make a difference in that arena.”

“Previously you could throw your lightsaber which was super cool. In Episode Three you’re able to dual wield your lightsabers. So you’ve got two lightsabers at once that you can do that with.” Snow added, “and we now have a library of famous lightsabers from the Star Wars galaxy, so you can play with Ahsoka’s dual wield, or Darth Maul’s double-ended saber. It’s really cool. Plus you get new Force powers in the dojo in chapter three, too.”