European fans of the Clone Wars will be delighted to see that some of the collection launched at San Diego Comic Con is now available on EMP for pre order. Currently only 2 items are available:


The Senator Padme Amidala Constructed Blazer is available, however the label is currently described as Tennis Visor Cap Between seasons jacket. It is retailing at £85.99 and it will be in stock 24th August and delivery will follow soon after.





The other item available for preorder is the Ahsoka Tano dress, the dress is retailing at £51.99 and if ordered now the estimated delivery date is between 8th-9th August.






Here at Fantha Tracks we expect other items from the collection to appear over the next few weeks! We are hoping for the Darth Maul Track Jacket and Ahsoka Tano Scarf.