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Replica expert and Sci-Fi fan Gordon Tarpley is interviewed over at SyFy Wire where he discusses his geek craft skills and love of Star Wars.

Gordon Tarpley doesn’t like to limit his art. He makes everything from sculptures and models to paintings and costumes. Tarpley works in the realm of replicas, restores movie props, and creates fantastic original work. And no matter the medium he’s working in, the fan uses to bring to life his latest creation some things in the process always stay the same.

“It all sort of blends together in my head because I feel like techniques for one thing almost always apply to something else even if it looks completely different to the outside observer,” the L.A. resident explained. “I feel like there’s some kind of mental steps involved that feel the same to me when making a sculpture or painting or drawing or building a costume.”

Choosing which medium to use depends on what he’s making. For example, sometimes he’ll use a slightly less fun method if it will get the job done faster or look better in the end.

“There’s nothing I would really put off the table creatively; if some aspect of the process is going to help me I would do it. Even if I don’t know it, I’ll learn it,” he said.