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Out in the UK, and available in the USA from November 19th, in Kevin Schinick’s Young Adult novel, Force Collector, we join Karr on a quest that will take him across the galaxy.

In an exclusive excerpt, available only on StarWars.com, we get a glimpse at the connection between Karr, his grandmother, and the power of the Force.  Here is a sample:

“What do you mean I‘m supposed to clear my mind?” fifteen year-old Karr asked his grandmother curiously. “Isn’t that a bad thing? I mean, why am I going to school if it’s better to have an empty brain?”

J’Hara had been winding a ball of yarn when their conversation began, and now she was using it to explain meditation to him. “The brain is like a sponge, Karr. It can absorb a lot,” she said as she squeezed the blue mound of dyed bantha fur.  “But sometimes it becomes too saturated with superfluous things.”

Karr wondered if he had just cleared the part of his brain that knew what superfluous meant. Off his look she added, “Unnecessary. Frivolous. Unimportant.”

“Like how fast the Incom T-85 X-wing can go?”

For the full excerpt, take the link to the exclusive article on StarWars.com