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The cast of ‘The Mandalorian’ have been discussing the experiences of working with a wide range of incredibly talented directors on the series.  Taika Waititi, in particular, had an unusual directing style, according to Carl Weathers – directing from a sofa wearing his pyjammas!

“We’re really fortunate that we had a group of directors who all brought something really special to the table. Deborah [Chow], in particular, was pretty amazing because it was huge stuff she was doing, but Taika had his wild sense of humor,” Weathers said. “He played music while we were doing the scenes, which gave it its own fun vibe, and then he would show up in pajamas sometimes and full slippers. I mean, it was crazy. Wait, how about the couch?”

Pedro Pascal and Gina Carano laughed at that point, nodding. Not only did Waititi direct from a couch, but he had lava lamps to adorn it as well.

“Where Bryce [Dallas Howard] would sit on a box,” Weathers continued, “Taika would sit sprawled out on a couch in pajamas.”