As we celebrate the 200th issue of Star Wars Insider, takes a look back at some memorable covers with editor Chris Cooper who picks his favourite covers and issues going right back to the days when The Insider was still the Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine, the successor to Bantha Tracks. What are your feelings about the legacy of Star Wars Insider as it hits issue 200?

Chris Cooper: There’s something unique about Insider, and how it has continued to connect fans — myself included — with the Star Wars galaxy for so many years. Its longevity means it has been a big part of many people’s Star Wars experience for almost as long as the saga has been around. Insider is more than a magazine, really. It’s a part of our lives. Why is this milestone meaningful to you?

Chris Cooper: It’s a rare privilege to become professionally involved with something you’ve loved since you were a child, so the very fact that I got to edit any issue of Star Wars Insider has meant a lot to me. To be in the chair for the 200th issue is actually a little surreal. I feel like with this issue I’ve been able to pay Star Wars back for all the pleasure it’s given me over the years, and it’s been a real pleasure to see how much subscribers have already been enjoying the issue.


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