Writing over at StarWars.com, Amy Richau looks at Jason Fry’s Bomber Command and how it connects to the wider Star Wars galaxy.

Here’s the first of those 5 reasons, and click here for the other four.

1. It provides a backstory for Paige, Rose, and Cobalt Squadron.

Bomber schematics for Paige’s ship, Cobalt Hammer, and details of the magno-charges in the bomb bay we see Paige climb through during the opening sequence of The Last Jedi start off the book. Bomber Command also includes information about her fellow crew, who play a prominent role in the companion novel Cobalt Squadron, and an explanation for why Paige and Rose were not on the same ship in The Last Jedi.

While detailing her family history, Paige reveals how she and Rose received their matching pendant necklaces and her plan to share stories of Finn’s heroics with Rose. Paige journal entry “we all need hope to get through this fight” serves as a nice set up for Rose and Finn’s introduction to each other in The Last Jedi.