Thomas Kinkade Studios reveal their latest series of paintings, a four image series called The Mandalorian Collection, continuing their series of images based on the art of Kinkade, who passed in 2021.

A collection of Thomas Kinkade Studios paintings from artist Monte Moore recently made the rounds on social media because the subject is none other than Din Djarin and his infant-sized companion. The Mandalorian Collection, currently sitting at four paintings and counting, features key moments from the first season of The Mandalorian, including Mando’s fight with the Mudhorn and that time Grogu relaxed by a stream. Because it wouldn’t be a Kinkade without a babbling brook of some kind.

This is the latest in a series of licensed Star Wars paintings from the late artist’s studio. Sadly, none of them feature Stormtroopers invading a quaint countryside. But what is interesting about The Mandalorian Collection is it’s the first in the studio’s history to “include the artist’s signature,” meaning Moore is actually being credited on the work itself.

The Mandalorian Collection’s prices ranging from $60 for a metal print to almost $5,000 for a “limited-edition canvas.”


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