Lucasfilm chat with artist Devin Schoeffler who celebrates the first three Indiana Jones films in the 40th anniversary year of the franchise with Raiders of the Lost Ark with a trio of lithographs that focus on the first three movies in the series, Temple of Doom, Raiders and The Last Crusade.

Do you remember your first viewing of an Indiana Jones film? If so, what impression did it make?

When I was nine my parents took me to see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in theaters. Sean Connery was one of my mom’s favorite actors and I remember she was excited to go see the latest installment. For weeks after I remember running around the backyard brandishing a whip I had made out of an old electrical cord.

Did your previous work with Star Wars influence your approach to this Indiana Jones artwork in any way?

The Star Wars series influenced me in that I wanted to do something that was visually quite different than the Star Wars pieces [laughs]! I knew I wanted something that was really bold and striking so I settled on using the bright orange and red flames as the background and carried that unified look throughout this Indiana Jones series.

How does the color palette of the Indiana Jones series reflect its core themes? How does this palette inspire you?

The color palette was inspired straight from the classic Indiana Jones logo with the bright red-to-orange gradient. When I first started toying with ideas for this piece, I had initially begun with this old world map texture for the background which carried over to the dusty brown and tan colors used for the characters and objects.