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I have a six year old son and bring him to the world of Star Wars that I love so much was not difficult, after all the immersion in this world at home is great. But if you have a small one at home and want tips to introduce Star Wars to it, then how about taking advantage of the OffSpring website tips.

Unless you live in a pop culture bell jar, your child will be introduced to Star Wars. George Lucas’s space opera has so thoroughly and efficiently saturated the entertainment-sphere, Star Wars indoctrination is as inevitable as exposure to cold germs at daycare. You can let fate, cultural osmosis, and Disney marketing executives control when and how your child learns about Luke and Leia, or you can guide them like a Jedi guides a padawan, making sure childhood Star Wars is something magical you can share.

Start With Some Toys

Toys and other merch will almost definitely be your child’s first introduction to the Star Wars universe. Branded clothes, bed sheets, picture books, video games and more are everywhere, and if you’re into the movies, you may as well load up your home with ‘em. A newborn in a “Storm Pooper” onesie is adorable, and kids love the iconic, friendly faces of characters like Chewbacca and C3PO.

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