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Star Tours has been a firm favourite of thrill seekers the world over so we were delighted to spot a video with former Disney Imagineer Tony Baxter discussing the conception with Canadian Disney Travel writer and radio host Yves Douville.

It started with setting up a pitch meeting with George Lucas at Ron Miller and Diane Disney Miller’s vineyard in Napa Valley.

Although you see just a small amount of it here, Douville says Tony Baxter has packed his house with so much amazing stuff he even had to get rid of his dining room table to make way for a life-size model of a Time Machine.

Tony has a legendary Disney story. He started as an Ice Cream scooper at Disneyland while he went to school and eventually worked his way up to Vice President of Walt Disney Imagineering. He’s a true Disney fan as well and we’re happy he’s still willing to share stories like these with other fans.

Anyone with an interest in Star Tours should check this out!