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More than 40 years have passed since the day of Star Wars premiered, and the epic cinema franchise still lives on the big screen and attracts much attention. During decades, there appeared numerous Star Wars characters. Who is the greatest of them? Let’s find out!

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10. Kylo Ren

It’s too early to review new Star Wars characters from the ongoing franchise movies, but we can already conclude that Kylo Ren is a very interesting person. It was the first time we could see the beginner sith on the big screen: a guy who hadn’t gotten rid of contrary emotions worrying him yet. Passions control Kylo, throwing him from one side to another and making him uncontrollable and unpredictable. He is very strong, and likely to use cheats and in manipulations just like every Dark Side warrior should. So, Kylo is exclusively dangerous, despite being ridiculous and comic sometimes. He is among the strongest Star Wars characters already. We’ll see where his fate would lead him in future.

9. Ahsoka Tano

Those who know only original Star Wars characters aren’t familiar with Ahsoka. Still, her debut was on the big screen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and she totally deserves her place in the pantheon of “big” cycle heroes. Tano’s adventures started when she was the young Padawan learning of Anakin Skywalker. She grows during five seasons of “The Clone Wars” series and becomes an experienced warrior. Later, she gets disappointed in the Jedi Order, just like Anakin, and finally quits. But she refuses to choose the Dark Side and goes on fighting even after the Emperor wins. Some further adventures of this hero are described in “Star Wars: Rebels” series where she is the adult Resistance fighter who even gets the opportunity to fight with Darth Vader. A rare honor for Star Wars characters.

8. R2-D2 and C-3PO

Honestly, we should divide this droid duet and give them their separate places in this Star Wars characters list. But let’s keep those who perfectly fulfill each other together. While the robot-translator C-3PO is talkative, a bit cowardly and funny in each his word or gesture, his “beeping” partner-navigator R2-D2 is the bravest and most reliable bucket with bolts all over the galaxy. It looks impossible to make viewers love the character looking like the lidded urn, but George Lucas did that successfully.

7. Luke Skywalker

Luke looks like a dull and weak character comparing him with heroes from his environment, but that’s karma of the main character. He is the pillar holding the plot of the first Star Wars trilogy around. Luke does not make you fall down amazed, but he is able to wonder everyone. He passes through the long way from being the naïve farm guy to the Jedi master and overcomes all trials. Luke gets his victory over evil in the first trilogy final not in battle, but in his mind, psychology and moral. This is not a frequent twist for sci-fi movies. Moreover, now we have not only the average Luke from the original first trilogy, but a colorful old man from The Last Jedi. It’s a controversial move, but it definitely made Luke more interesting among all Star Wars characters.

6. Chewbacca

Can you become loved by viewers without telling a single word they could understand? Of course, you can! Chewbacca did it perfectly. George Lucas came up with Wookiee inspired by his dog Indiana (yes, that one which gave a name to Indiana Jones). A huge dog travelled with his owner and took the front car seat frequently. Lucas imagined himself flying through space with a furry assistant. His love for this dog helped the director to make Chewbacca the most charismatic and charming among all Star Wars alien characters. His phenomenon could become a good topic for a high school report, don’t you think? Go for IcheapEssay report writing assistance if you need to see how to write academic texts about the list of Star Wars characters.

5. Leia Organa

There are many stereotypical characters in the sci-fi adventure genre, and Princess Leia could become one of them: just another sexy damsel in distress saved by the main hero. But George Lucas and his team rethought the template and made Leia fresh and original character. Yes, she is still sensuous. And she is hot but these qualities do not define Leia. They are just two of many appearances of this decisive and brave woman, one of the greatest female Star Wars characters. Leia combines aristocracy of a princess, wild behavior of a fashionable lady and a leadership of a general. She is ready to become a temporary slave to save her friend and loved one: it means a lot. Nevertheless, Leia becomes a bad mother as a result. But sometimes, one has to choose between a son and a Galaxy.

4. Emperor Palpatine

In the world of Star Wars, the Emperor is the embodiment of absolute evil and he looks scary. Such antagonist could easily become a caricature, but the Emperor has his charm. He is very cunning and insidious, and he perfectly manipulates even those who stand against him. And the way how Emperor enjoys his evilness and plays with Luke like a cat with a mouse is just amazing. The victory upon this evil Star Wars character is worth becoming one of the greatest events in the history of the Galaxy. But he is not the best of evil Star Wars characters.

3. Yoda

How does the great Jedi teacher look like? Is he a mighty warrior? Is he a wise mage? Is he a powerful ruler? No, he looks like a curious creature living in swamps. First, Yoda seems to be someone’s pet, not a mindful creature. As a result, Yoda reveals his amazing combination of a hidden power, paradox wisdom and visible oddness. He can make you laugh and respect him at a time, at least till we find out some details of his biography. But Yoda never pretends to be perfect.

2. Darth Vader

He is one of the most charismatic Star Wars characters, and one of the greatest antagonists in the history of cinema. Darth Vader makes viewers memorize him at once, after his very first appearance on the screen. His strong body hidden under the black armor frightens, and it seems that nothing left of human in this creature. Still, as the story goes on, we find out that Vader is much more complicated than appears, that he can get back to the Light Side and become a Star Wars character like Anakin Skywalker was while being young again. When the first trilogy of the franchise is over, the viewer understands Vader was its hero equally to Luke. Darth Vader passed through a long way in spirit and overcame evil. Not that sitting on the throne, but that hidden in his heart. This sith who turned to Light is definitely one of the best Star Wars characters.

1.Han Solo

“The most human”. This phrase was not about Han Solo, but it can characterize him best of all. Unlike other main Star Wars characters, Solo is not born to save or conquer the Galaxy. He is a usual smuggler who just tries to earn some money at the very beginning of the story. Despite he becomes the Resistance general and war hero later, Solo remains a doubtful man who likes cons and adventures. That’s why we love this Star Wars character so much. Han hesitates, Han brags, Han tells jokes, Han makes mistakes, and Han does not always know what to do. But he is charming, brutal, friendly and faithful. His humanism is visible in every his deed and this feature pleasantly contrasts with the epic pathos of Star Wars. This feature could even became a topic for an essay (find essay writers here if you need them).

And Harrison Ford’s play turns Han into one of the most charismatic and charming characters in the whole of the sci-fi world.