New York Comic Con 2018: Hasbro Star Wars panel

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Fantha Tracks were front and center at the Hasbro panel in room 102A on Sunday afternoon at 1.15pm. The room was packed, standing room only as design director Steve Evans and senior brand manager Patrick Schneider started the panel with the fanfare, walking on in Black Series Vader helmets to thunderous applause. They thanked everyone for coming and started off the panel by bringing up two kids from the audience – George and Diego – to help with the panel.

They kicked off by recapping the reveals from the show so far from Star Wars: Resistance, which airs on Disney XD in the States tonight and in the UK Saturday 13th October, revealing the single figures and twin packs. Steve commented when he first saw bucket, ‘how the heck am I going to mould that?

They then discussed the Micro Force Advent calendar, which is on shelves right now, then recapped the reveal of the Wave Two Black Series 6″ Archive figures – Anakin, Yoda and Biker Scout. They then talked about the Tartakovsky Clone Wars animated series Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous, which has snap together arms and a stitched cape which means he can go to 4 arms and secure his extra weapons.

The reveal started with the Murder Box Trio, fan favourites Doctor Aphra, BT and 000. Created by British writer Kieron Gillen, these three will be released in 2019 in 6″ form, arriving single boxed as part of a summer 2019 mainstream wave. Aphra is an all-new sculpt, 000 reuses 4-LOMS arms and has switch out hands – regular and torture hands – while BT will reuse some existing astromech parts. Steve then lifted a box from the floor, opened a plastic case and revealed the prototypes, which he placed in front of the 2 kids to get their reaction.

The next 6″ reveal was the Imperial Rocket Trooper (Commander) from Star Wars Rebels, which will be a spring 2019 Games Stop exclusive. It will have a newly designed clear triangle stand, with no peg but instead they are trialing a ‘slipper’ design that goes over the toe of the character so it can be posed in a running position.

Steve hearkened back to their SDCC display from 2017, which was the Death Star / Docking Bay 94 and Millennium Falcon display from A New Hope. The only new product on that display which they’ve not yet made was trash compactor slick back hair Luke. This will be a Target Spring 2019 exclusive and comes with a dirty deco from his tussle with the dianoga.

Next is the 3/34 inch Vintage Collection recap. Their third attempt at the 41st Elite Corps trooper VC145 will be a shared retail exclusive and finally have the correct movie accurate deco. They then showed the Shore Trooper VC133, and Klaatu Skiff VC 135, Yak Face VC 132 and Leia Boushh VC 134, all of which will have correct vintage style bubbles. They also showed the TVC Gamorrean Guard which will come on its original VC021 card. The same figure and original deco as they cannot do photo real as the eyes are too deeply set (the rear of the packaging may differ, we don’t know as yet).

The Barge. They discussed how happy they are with the development with the barge and how everybody supported their crazy idea, and exclusively showed us preview stills and footage of the packaging, photo shoot and designs. They took a big sand pit, created the Sarlacc and sculpted new tentacles for the main packaging front shot. Legendary designer Mark Boudereaux – who designed the original vintage Millennium Falcon from your childhood, and the Khetanna – was on hand to help with the set up and make sure it looked completely old school.

The rear of the box will have a vintage style sketch, using the vintage Ewok Village monotone sketch as the basis for the design. Side art will feature open and close shots and internal shots including figures to populate the barge. In the photo shoot they used Weequay, Ree Yees, Bossk and a Jawa, Threepio and the Jabba’s bartender Astromech from the 2016 Entertainment Earth astromech set.

This was a labour of love for them, and clearly they appreciate the fan support. They then showed the next barge backers video, a directors cut that was a time-lapse video 30 seconds longer than the one that’s to be released from the packaging photoshoot. The next video is released next week.

Vintage Collection reveals. They showed a photo of the currently revealed 2019 Spring line up. Shore Trooper, Praetorian Guard, Captain Phasma, Lando Calrissian from Solo: A Star Wars Story, Yak Face, Stormtrooper, Klaatu Skiff Guard, Imperial Assault Tank Commander VC148, Death Star Gunner, Han Stormtrooper, Leia Boussh, Gammorrean Guard, Darth Revan and the 41st Elite Corp Trooper. Joining them will be Luke Skywalker (Crait) Wave Three VC146.

They then revealed the current wave plan and also announced for specialty markets outside of the US (some US retailers may be picking it up as well) that they will be doing a case of Vintage Collection re-issues. These include Leia Hoth VC02, Han Hoth VC03 with welding gear and welding mask, Darth Vader VC08, Luke ROTJ VC23 and Boba Fett VC09.

They then thanked their co-hosts Diego and George and rewarded them with the Black Series Vader helmets. Steve and Patrick didn’t want to carry them home! They then briefly put the prototypes out front for us to take photographs of, but put them away very quickly.

Steve and Patrick were great fun over the weekend, giving us fresh reveals and information. The future is looking bright for Hasbro and Star Wars releases.