With the announcement of the new guests at Celebration Chicago in April (it’s not long now is it!) the people at Topps and Star Wars Authentics have been in touch to helpfully provide links to where you can see and purchase images they have of the guests announced today.

We know that some people are very particular when it comes to the images they want to bring to Celebration to get signed, so it’s quite useful to have these links and be able to order the images in advance (this links do not include details of Celebration autographing yet – these links are just for the images and any pre-signed images).

You can see these actor’s offerings on the SWA site here:

Joonas Suotamo official photos:

Sam Witwer autographs and official photos:

Greg Grunberg official photos:

Paul Kasey official photos:

Dave Chapman official photos:

Ian McElhinney official photos:

Greg Proops official photos:

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