The Hollywood Reporter has revealed how Richard E. Grant and Adam Driver learnt of their Academy Award nominations.

Adam Driver was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for BlacKkKlansman, Spike Lee revealed how Adam learnt the news:

He spoke with much of his crew Tuesday morning and also Adam Driver, who was nominated for best supporting actor. “He’s shooting Star Wars in London, where they stopped production and the first AD assembled the cast and crew to congratulate Adam,” says Lee. “Today is filled with love, but at the same time, I was watching the news before it came on and I can’t think about the 800,000 Americans who are now living in a desperate time, and I think this film deals directly with that and all the other crazy shit that’s happened in this country since ‘Agent Orange’ [President Donald Trump] got to the White House.”

Richard E. Grant was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Can You Ever Forgive Me?

“I was sitting at a restaurant in London with my daughter and she had the live feed on her phone, and she gave me an earpiece to listen to it. We both simultaneously burst into tears when we found out and I just couldn’t believe it — I still can’t believe it. I literally feel like I am out-of-body levitating. My feet haven’t touched the ground since, and I am absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of the American Academy that I’ve been honored with a nomination. It’s beyond anything that I could have possibly expected.”

We can look forward to seeing both actors in Episode IX this December, as Driver reprises his role of Kylo Ren and Richard E. Grant dips his toes in the Star Wars galaxy for the first time in an as yet unrevealed role.