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It’s official Star Wars merchandise is pants.  Now you can dress “head to bum” according to MeUndies the makers of these new disco themed star wars underwear.

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” Star Wars undies reigned supreme. And now they’re back!

MeUndies has restocked and redesigned one of its most popular prints in disco-themed awesomeness honoring the movie’s original release date: 1977. Can you dig it?

Now hardcore Star Wars fans can dress in head-to-bum gear featuring Ewoks, light sabers and stormtroopers. The prints are available on boxers, briefs, bikinis, boyshorts, lounge pants and our personal favorite, onesies. The incredibly cozy skivvies are made of MicroModal, which, according to the company, is three times softer than cotton.

Superfans will obviously stock up, but you don’t have to be with the Force to rock these sets. Anyone can participate.

Prices range from $18 for briefs to $78 for a onesie, and sizes run from XS-2XL in women’s and S-3XL in men’s.

For every one out shopping this Force Friday, we hope you pick up some pants Star Wars products.