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Just when you thought you had escaped from the clutches of Triple Force Friday and your bank account was looking healthy, Le Creuset announce their Star Wars Collection.  Our very own master chef, Clair Henry, takes a closer look.

This is possibly the coolest yet costliest collaboration so far (exclude cars) for a collector like me!  The prices range from $20 and $900!  Full information for this collection is all via the US Le Crueset website but for those of us in the UK our wallets may be saved as no information or links an be found at its UK site.

So what’s the collection about?  Well for those of us who are Bake-Off , Master Chef, Great British Menu or Saturday Morning Kitchen fans this collection will enhance your roasting skills and reduce your soggy bottoms!

The X collection caters for both the dark and the light side of the fandom and includes iconic images from the Original Trilogy and Sequel Trilogy which is great to see!


Han Solo Carbonite Signature Roaster

For those of us who love Le Creuset one of the frustrating things is their roaster does not have a lid but for the princely bounty of $450 you can own one with Han Solo frozen in carbonite!


Porg Pie Bird 

4 and 20 Porg birds baked in a pie!  Get those deep dish pies perfect with this pie bird and one of the more affordable items in the range at $25, however I feel not many will make it to the oven and will sit on a shelf as decoration instead!


Droid Mini Cocottes

They may not served their kind in the cantina, you can serve your vegetables or dauphinois potatoes in these Cocottes.  Priced at $30 each, this is more affordable and also useful piece in the collection, and something different to serve at the table for Sunday Roast !

Millennium Falcon and Death Star Trivets

What better way to present your roasted solo vegetables or Shepard’s pie on the table  except by placing them on the falcon trivet!  For those who want justice then why not use the Death Star instead!  Another slightly more affordable yet funky addition to the table!


Darth Vader Round Dutch Oven

For those cold winter nights when a casserole or Coq au Vin is or order, then this is the dish you need!  At $395 it may be out of many fans price range, however it would be a great roaster although hopefully not as hot as Mustafar!


Tatooine Round Dutch Oven

For those fans where money is no option this IS the item then you’re looking for!  Handpainted and with the signature gold knob, this Dutch oven the piece de resistance! It is limited to 9 hence a $900 price tag !

Check out the video to see the craftsmanship that justifies the price tag .

Fans can sign up to be in with a chance to purchase one or other pieces from the collection first on the Le Creuset site, otherwise the collection is released on 1st November !