Anyone who is a member of the Facebook collecting groups will know that there are weekly topics of discussion, showcasing and wanted ads.  The vast majority of them, although incredibly interesting, don’t often leave a lasting memory.  Well, The Imperial Commissary changed all that this month with one of the best community drives to date.  #votw –  posing like a vintage figure on a cardback.

Although every single image has been wonderful, some of them have been particularly creative and I enjoy the ones where collectors have gotten particularly inventive with everyday household objects.  Here are some highlights – enjoy!

2-1B – Andres Barron








Nien Nunb – Steven Hopwood

Biker Scout – Alvaro Herrara








TIE Fighter – Paul Morrison

AT-AT Driver – Brandon Beekman








Walrusman – Joseph Dunnigan








Bith – Jimmy Nomad







Han Hoth and TaunTaun – Mitchell Whaley and Jason Baker








Power Droid – Jason Knox

Imperial Stormtrooper – Paul Hollowood








FX-7 – Mark Kuin










Rancor Keeper – Erik Mozolik








Hammerhead – Jed Leenders


Klaatu – Ryan O’Sullivan

Sy Snootles – Ryan Carlton

Leia Bespin – Carlos J Beltran

Luke X-Wing Pilot – Broc Walker

Logray Medicine Man – Steven Hopwood


Want to join in the fun?  Send us some of your own designs from all eras of Star Wars.