Fantha Tracks TV: Uncle Milton Star Wars Creature Xcavations Unboxing

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Matt’s back from Toy Fair New York and he has brought back a few things to unbox – namely these Uncle Milton Star Wars Creature Xcavations boxes. Join Matt and his padawan as they break them open to find out what is buried deep in the sand……(we hate sand!)

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Star Wars Science - Naboo Sea Creatures
  • Includes "Naboo Sea Creature" Eggs and Food
  • Sturdy aquarium tank
  • Fascinating Naboo aquatic environment
  • Built-in habitat magnifier port
  • Fun and informative learning guide
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Martin Keeler
Martin’s most notable achievement is organising and running the pre-party for Celebration London #Cantina at the Brooklyn Bowl in the O2 Arena, an achievement he matched in 2019 at Celebration Chicago when he helped to organised A Night At Canto Bight at the Science Museum in Chicago. Martin has also been a guest on podcasts such as RADIO 1138, Skywalking Through Neverland and Blabba the Hutt. Martin is the brains behind Fantha Tracks TV.