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This week the review team at Roqoo Depot have reviewed our first Making Tracks at Capital Sci-Fi 2019 episode. Huge thanks as always to the Roqoo Depot review team for listening to our shows, we always appreciate the feedback.

Making Tracks: Making Tracks at Capital Sci-Fi 2019 is the audio from the Star Wars New Ages panel featuring a bunch of guests including Katy Kartwheel, Jerome Black, Rony Bridges, Kirran Shah, and Arie Decker. Each talks about their work on Star Wars and shares some fun stories. Kind of hard to hear as they audio isn’t the best (nasty echo in the room), but it’s one of those cases where it’s better to have the audio and share it than not to have it at all.

Podcast Network: Fantha Tracks Radio
Runtime: 37 minutes
Audio Quality: So-So
Production Quality: So-So
Hosts: Dave, and Mark
Rating: Okay

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Stay tuned as later this afternoon the third episode from Capital Sci-Fi lands with the Warwick and Annabelle Davis panel.