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Writing a movie review is a task that needs time and preparation in order to get it right. You need to clearly understand the movie before writing a review and you need to include the relevant information that will be helpful to the target audience.

When writing a review, you need to understand your audience to write in a manner that will appeal to them. You also need to write it in an interesting manner to ensure your reader reads through the article to the end. One of the things you need to get right is the structure of the movie review. Another thing is the content of the review. Here are a few tips on how to write a movie review that everyone will love.


1.      Have a Captivating Introduction

This is one of the most important things you need to know about how to write a good review. Having a catchy introduction is important as this will determine whether readers will continue reading your review or not.

To make your introduction captivating, include a summary of all the essential information that a reader will be looking for. The information may include the title of the movie, its main characters, genre, the budget, ratings, and awards received if any. You can also include the main purpose of the film and your opinion of whether it achieved its objective or not.

For readers who have no time to read the whole movie review, the introduction will be helpful in determining whether they should watch the movie or not.

2.      Share Your Personal Opinion

When you write a review, you will definitely be delighted if people finished reading until the end. However, not everyone loves to do so and not everyone has the time to do so. Hence, it is important that you share relevant information at the beginning of your review instead of waiting to do so at the end. As you share your personal opinion about the movie, ensure you have the facts to back up your statements including any criticism.

3.      Write a Brief Summary of the Movie

Your summary of the movie should contain information about major scenes or events in the movie. This will encourage the readers to go and watch the movie later on. Of course, you should not spoil the movie by including information such as the ending of the movie as this will kill the suspense the readers had about how the story would end.

Writing a movie review requires time as a lot of preparation is involved. If you did not manage to prepare to write your review, you can get online help through professional writers who can do same day essay writing without compromising on quality or the high university standards required.

If you will be writing your own movie review, you can watch the movie twice or thrice to get all the main points and some points that you may have missed out at first.

4.      Review Originality and Quality of the Movie

Apart from the plot of the movie, the quality of a movie is among what makes a good movie. As you write your review, also consider other technical aspects of the movie. As you discuss the technicalities, ensure you use simple language so that all your readers can easily understand.

Some of the things to consider include:


Consider whether all the parts of the movie were edited so that scenes flow smoothly and, in a manner, that the audience can follow with ease.

Image Quality

Consider whether the image quality was clear and appealing to you or not. This is important to readers of movie reviews as some people may be influenced negatively if the image quality of a movie is not good enough.

You can also consider other technical aspects such as camera work and sound quality among many others.

5.      Have a Strong Conclusion

When writing a review, you need to have a strong conclusion which will prompt the reader to watch the movie. You thus need to be as convincing as possible. Include information about the interesting parts of the movie as well as its shortcomings. Give an honest opinion about whether the movie is worth watching or not and indicate whom the movie is most suitable for.

Your conclusion should be short and straight to the point as some readers jump straight to the conclusion to determine whether to watch a movie or not. Having a long conclusion may discourage them from reading it.


Writing a movie review needs time to prepare and write. The first thing that needs to be done is to watch the movie twice or thrice as you take notes of the important points of the movie worthy of discussion.

Have a catchy introduction that will make the reader want to continue reading the review. Include important and relevant details that a reader would love to know about the movie including the actors, title, length and genre of the movie among other things.

Write a brief plot of the movie that discusses some of the important events in the movie without spoiling the ending.

Finish your review with a convincing conclusion that will make the reader want to watch the movie.


Susan Wallace is a professional blogger. She loves watching movies and has turned her passion into something useful for movie lovers. She enjoys writing movie reviews for all the latest movies thus helping people determine whether certain movies are worth their time or not.