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College life is a completely different experience for every student. And it is sometimes a good idea to have a glance at how others cope with it, even if it is a TV show.

Some shows are more realistic, others are a bit glamorized, some are funny, and others are more serious or even scary. This list features all types of shows about college life, so you can choose whatever genre you prefer. All of them are interesting and worth binge-watching. So pick a show and prepare for excellent entertainment, and that gun control essay you need to do can wait a bit. Luckily, there are many various shows about college.

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1.   Gossip Girl

This is a classic show about privileged kids from Manhattan Upper East Side. It follows the story of four main characters and their friends as they navigate their lives. Each episode is about one secret that is going to be revealed by the mysterious gossip girl persona, who no one knows.

It is a bit over the top sometimes, but the acting is good, and the costumes are stunning. Suppose you are in search of something dramatic but still on the light-hearted side, this one’s for you. Try to guess who the gossip girl is and see if you’re right.

2.   Dear White People

It is a relatively new Netflix original drama series. And this one’s critically acclaimed for several reasons. It is quite realistic and follows the stories of Black students that enter the Ivy League colleges and the struggles they face. The plot is incredible and depicts many social injustices, prejudice, and problems of modern society.

At the same time, it is not only serious; it has a lot of satirical and ironic moments. It is a critique of educational elitism, but it is incredibly entertaining to watch.

3.   Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat is a British comedy series about a group of students that live together. There are four seasons with overall 30 episodes of the adventures of the group.

It is a classic premise but with the modern approach to the freshmen’s lives in college. In general, it is a coming of age series but with a lot of hilarious situations. The main characters are an outstanding bunch; each of them has a very distinct personality and problems. It is funny, entertaining, easy to follow, and has a unique British atmosphere.

4.   Community

It is quite probable that you’ve heard about this show previously. This is a classic comedy series about community college life that is postmodern and ironic. It is funny, quirky, and features a group of losers that have to study together. The acting is great, the writing is magnificent, and there are lots of pop culture references. It is one of the best comedy shows out there.

source: https://unsplash.com/photos/i4W8OINLI_I

5.   Scream Queens

For those who want comedy but with a mystery and a lot of murder, Scream Queens is a perfect choice. It is extraordinary, hilarious, over the top, and quite gory. That’s why it is not for everyone, but if you like Glee and American Horror Story, it is a kind of a mash-up.

6.   How to Get Away with Murder

This series is a great pick for those interested in crime, detective, and thriller. The plot revolves around a famous criminology professor and her students that get involved in a real murder case. There is a lot of suspense and “who did it” moments along with dramatic turns and relationship moments. It is entertaining and unique in its premise.

7.   Grow-ish

This is an example of a spin-off done right. This is a continuation of Black-ish that revolves around Zoe Johnson and her freshman year in college. It is quite relatable and features all the common problems of a freshman. The story touches issues like finding friends, fulfilling family’s expectations, learning to cope in a new environment, and others. This show is on a realistic side and the many challenges of academic life. It is funny, relevant, and exciting to watch.

8.   Hello, My Twenties!

This is an amazing South Korean series available on Netflix. Currently, there are two seasons about five college students living together. It is lighthearted, funny, and shows problems every young adult faces in their twenties. Five girls try to manage their lives and become friends along the way. It is a great watch and if you are into Korean dramas, it is a perfect choice.

In Summary

In this list, one can find a show about students on any liking. Some of them are more dramatic, others are comedies. Choose what you’d like more and start a TV shows binge marathon!