The G2E Gaming Expo comes to Las Vegas on 14th October – a kind of Comic-Con for the casino industry.  It is the largest gathering of global, commercial and tribal gaming professionals in North America, showcasing the latest developments in gaming technology and featuring new educational content that is fast-paced and actionable.

Attendees will experience firsthand the new products and innovative technologies seen on the expo floor. G2E has everything you expect to see from a modern casino – from traditional casino fare to non-gaming amenities and digital online products.

We don’t yet know what games will be unveiled this year, but when you reflect on casino games of years gone by; nearly every element of popular culture has been covered; spanning rock bands such as Guns’ N Roses, TV shows such as Battlestar Galactica, and movies such as Top Gun.

So why have we not seen a Star Wars themed casino game ?

The Disney Deal

The simple answer is it does not fit in with Disney’s company wide, and long held philosophy.

Indeed, looking back through the history of online casino games, highlights just quite how harsh Disney has been on the issue.

Ten years ago, the games developer Playtech created a host of next generation slots featuring a range of Marvel comics characters such as Hulk, Iron Man and Spider-Man.  These were the flagship games for the company, appearing in many online casinos in Canada and across Europe.

However, upon Disney purchasing Marvel, they decided to allow the Playtech contract to expire, ensuring that online casinos had to remove all Marvel character branded games when the contract expired.

The Industry Pushes Back

Companies like Playtech quickly moved on to to create a range of new superheroes slots and online casino games, featuring a wide range of franchises and original characters.

They are available for you to check out at a host of online websites, but how do you know which ones to play ?

Services such as Online Casino Bluebook breaks the confusion of where to head to find the best games, they have spent the past 15 years reviewing online casinos so you can focus on playing games.

With Disney continuing its programme of acquisitions of rival movie makers. For example, with the purchase of the entertainment of arm of Fox, other popular games such as the X-Files slot game are at risk.

Now is the time to realise that we will never get a Star Wars casino game, and many of our favourite games will disappear.  However, we can still enjoy online casinos, and there is no better time to start investigating and researching what IS the best games out there – but be sure to find and play only the very best!