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Canto Bight is a gambling mecca for those in the Star Wars galaxy looking for entertainment. For fans of the films however, it is also a stunning exploration of aliens of the galaxy, and the segment on Canto Bight in The Last Jedi has been compared to the cantina scene in the original Star Wars film.

Here are five of our favourite aliens that make their debut in the city of Canto Bight.


Slowen Lo

Slowen Lo was a male Abednedo who resided on Canto Bight.  He made a fortune-selling driftwood sculptures and lived on the beach in the coastal city on the planet Cantonica.  In 34 ABY, When Finn and Rose make their ungraceful arrival on the city’s shores, Lo is not happy with them. Why? Because he has waterfront property next door and doesn’t care for all the illegally landing and abandon their ship.  Lo informed the Canto Bight Police Department about this and accompanied officers to the casino, where he identified Finn and Rose.  They could have avoided all that trouble if they had gone online to somewhere like https://casinobonusca.com instead of turning up in person!

Lexo Sooger

Lexo Sooger was a Dor Namethian male who was the star masseur at Zord’s Spa and Bathhouse in Canto Bight.  He featured in “Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing,” the novella by Rae Carson in Star Wars: Canto Bight. Through his stories of the Canto Bight underground, we learn there is much more to Lexo.  He’s an adopted dad to a young human named Lula, a poor girl abandoned by her family and left to work in the stables. The necklace he wears translates so he can communicate with aliens from all over the galaxy.

Bargwill Tomder

Bargwill Tomder was a male Cloddogran with brown skin and hair., and considered by many to be quite a vulgar character.  Tomder is notorious for being quite lazy and relying on the abandoned stable children, or urchins as they are called, to do most of the work with his animals, the fathiers. His appearance is nauseating, with rotting teeth, an oozing complexion and infected nose tendrils all wrapped up in clothes that haven’t been washed in years.

The Lucky Three

Thodi, Dodi, and Wodi are featured in Star Wars: Canto Bight’s “The Ride” novella by John Jackson Miller. They are three brothers of the Suertons species, which was derived from the Spanish word “suerte” meaning luck.  Thodi’s the oldest, followed by the jokester Dodi, and finally the youngest and life of the party, Wodi.  They are a trio of lighthearted gentlemen who spend their days winning, losing, and winning again all while other casino patrons attempt to replicate their bets.  If you’re ever trying to locate them at Canto Casino, they’ll be in the middle of a posse of suspicious management and leeching “friends.”


Ubbla Mollbro

One of the more popular and funny elements of the Canto Casino scene occurs when Miss Ubbla Mollbro makes her debut. A Xi’dec opera singer, Ubbla’s body is covered in eggs and swathed in a self-spun chiffon drape.  Mollbro has a trusty pet she carries around to the casino, watch the film closely and you can see her let go of her floating dog like a runaway helium balloon!!!