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Playing video games has become increasingly popular in the Canadian gambling industry. As a result, gaming developers in Canada are launching billion-dollar franchises from coast to coast. And that’s why video gaming has highly contributed to the Canadian economy.

Canada is known for creating the most prolific video games, and in this article, you will discover some of the biggest and best.


Below was developed by Capybara, one of the top in the Canadian gaming industry, and is based in Toronto. Apart from Below, Capybara Games have fantastic sports like Super Time Force, Clash of Heroes, and Superbrothers; Sorcery and Sword under their belts. However, it is a game like below that puts them on the map. If you are looking for a video sport with action, you’ll undoubtedly love to play below, the action-adventure roguelike. In addition to classic video games, Canada is also famous for its online casino games. Now there are a large number of different categories of these games. Many players prefer a casino with a $ 5 deposit and many of them recommend newbies to read reviews on a reputable website leafletcasino.com. This will help newbies find the best online casino in Canada that is perfect for them.


Severed is a gruesome, yet gratifying video game founded by Drinkbox Studios. This game is incredibly fantastic with a beautiful story of love, family, betrayal, and loss. With its flawless admirable art styles, Severed is a fun play that all players should try. It is an indie play of all time, as it brings life to your smartphones through swiping mechanics and intuitive touch features. Aside from these terrific features, Severed has a simple outer that hides miles of depth. It is available on iOS, PlayStation, Wii U, Vita, Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo 3DS. You will also enjoy its soundtrack on the background.

Shop Titans

In the world of mobile games, Kabam is a famous developer for many video games, including shop Titans, and other exciting and profitable online sports. However, Shop Titan is the holder of Kabam titles out there, especially around gigantic Hollywood properties. Most players to play it for its fantasy and adventure characters.

Not to mention, it allows you to craft and sell swords, armor, potions, gears, and other heroic equipment to help you pass the action-adventure. An excellent example of how this fun piece is that as a player, you will have to sell your way to the top to make your shop attractive with colorful characters. It is very difficult to find a good online casino with free spin bonus, but this can be done now thanks to the reviews on our website.

Many fans of mobile games sometimes like to have fun and play slots. Especially for them there is an opportunity to get free spin bonus to get more fun and money. This helps to distract from everyday problems and enjoy gambling right on your smartphone.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a hilarious, captivating ghost hunt play that is a must-player to legend players. It is one of the most significant releases of Nintendo. Luigi’s Mansion 3 allows you to have a crafted experience, so don’t need to be a professional to enjoy every moment playing this. Additionally, it has multiplayer modes that are both co-op and competitive, making the experience even more exciting. Luigi’s Mansion 3 has one of the coolest gaming option you can ever play in Canada, and it is available on the Nintendo switch.

The Messenger

The Messenger is one of the best indie games you can ever play. It is refreshing, entertaining, and innovative. Each level of the fun play has an 8-bit and 16-bit version, which might appeal to players who are more nostalgic. The Messenger’s mechanics are quite simple even for beginners to master, but you might have a challenging experience at high levels.

Things to love about The Messenger include lovely characters, diverse and gorgeous visuals. If you love time-traveling and side-scrolling adventures, then this is your game. Although its gameplay has some twists, it’s an excellent video game to play on Playstation4 and Nintendo switch.

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is a roguelike play that is fantastically well-designed, yet heavy to play. It is a unique game sketched by its crafty love narrative themes and gloomy 2D art style. The tension you experience while playing this, as you try to survive and avoid the agony of defeat keeps you triggered and excited.

A player who loves such adventures would find this play interesting because it’s like no other Canadian video game. If you’re willing to give it a shot, it is available on social media platforms like steam. Also, find other players there to have an interactive experience.


Although the article mentions a few Canadian video games, there are many more provided by various game developers. Each of the fun plays has its features that could attract players depending on their taste. For instance, players who are afraid of horrifying adventure games would not opt to play Darkest Dungeon because they won’t be enjoying the moment. Similarly, a game like the Messenger is likely to excite older people due to its nostalgia feature and not the young players. So, every game has unique features, and every player has a preference, and from the above collection, you won’t miss your favorite game.