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Star Wars does not yet have an official casino game, neither in land-based casino resorts nor at online casinos. That goes against the grain, of course, as other icons of pop culture – Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Superman, Gladiator – have been used to create some of the most popular casino games on the planet.

We know the short answer is that Disney isn’t a fan of associating its products with anything that isn’t considered family-friendly. However, these things are always changing. For instance, Google resisted having betting and gaming apps in its Play Store for years, and now it’s littered with them.

Anyway, on the hypothetical assumption that Disney relented, who would you choose to build such a game? Make no mistake about it: developers of casino games are just as important in determining the direction of their products as the developers of video games. Because each has different styles and traits, the end result would be as markedly different depending on the developer. Consider what the differences would be if Nintendo, Blizzard or Supercell created the Star Wars: Battlefront game.

So, we have whittled it down to the three of the leading players in the casino software development industry, and we will have a look at how they would conceive a Star Wars casino game:

  1. Playtech

Primary Trait: Branding and graphics.

Playtech is known for many things: big jackpot games, premium slots, a range of exciting online roulette. But the company is most associated with branded games, and it has worked wonders with its collection of DC Comics Superhero games. The company tends to walk the narrow path between branding for the sake of it and using the source material to enhance the gameplay. Arguably, Playtech would be the first choice among casino fans to build a Star Wars game.

What it would look like: Perfect in terms of crossover appeal. Playtech is known to use real footage from movies in its casino games, often incorporating the action into special bonus features. 

  1. NetEnt

Primary Trait: Ripping up the rule book.

At times, NetEnt feels like the Nintendo of casino games developers. It doesn’t really follow the crowd, and that can lead to hit or miss releases. However, like Nintendo, when it gets it right, it can blow the roof off. Lately, NetEnt has gone in for branded games too, with releases like Narcos, Aliens and Guns N’ Roses; so, we wouldn’t be too worried about the developer tackling the Star Wars material.

What it would look like: Anyone’s guess. We mentioned that NetEnt likes to play by its own rules, and that means it has concocted some mind-boggling creations. Without a doubt, it would be an interesting take.

  1. Microgaming

Primary Trait: Experience and nous.

If you are going to trust something as sacred as Star Wars material, why not choose the developer of the first casino games? Not only has Microgaming been around the longest, but it has also got the biggest library of casino games, with 100s of titles.  It has been entrusted with some incredibly ‘precious’ source material in the past – Game of Thrones, Tomb Raider, Jurassic Park – and has hit home runs every time. A sure bet if you want a safer option.

What it would look like: A sure hand would take it in the direction of most fans’ wishes. Like getting JJ Abrams in to direct the Star Wars movies, there would be some grumbles – but most would be pleased with the result.