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The official Disney fan club, D23.com, spoke to Dave Filoni ahead of the mid-season finale, Rebel Assault, which airs in the States on Monday 13th November.
Here’s the first of five reasons Filoni gives that makes Star Wars Rebels a great Star Wars story:

It’s Fun for the Audience
“The key is always to remember to treat the story as if nobody actually knows what’s going to happen, and that really helps. Your friend might be getting more out of it because he’s a bigger Star Wars fan than you are, but that just increases the fun. There’s nothing quite like Star Wars. While there is a point where there are crossovers, the story of Star Wars Rebels is still fulfilling on its own, even if you’ve never watched A New Hope  or Rogue One. For example, if you’ve watched Rebels and then watch Rogue One, you have a better understanding of Saw Gererra as a character, but it’s not necessary in order to enjoy Rogue One. Rebels is about Ezra and his family. I try only to cross over when it’s important for our characters.”

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