While the initial focus is lasered onto Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule, the story of The High Republic is also set to unfold in comic books from Marvel and IDW, and the writers of these two series Cavan Scott (Marvel Comics The High Republic) and D.J. Older (IDW’s The High Republic Adventures) discussed their respective titles.

StarWars.com: What is Marvel’s The High Republic about?

Cavan Scott: The High Republic tells the story of this group of Jedi working together. We’ve seen in the past a lot of master and apprentice stories; what we’ve never really seen in any great detail over the last few years is a group of Jedi. It’s seen through the eyes of Keeve Trennis.

In the comic we see the aftermath of the Great Disaster and what that’s meant to the galaxy. The galaxy, up to this point, has been a peaceful place, and now suddenly there’s a slight tremor of fear because people had their lives disrupted. (Which, this year, we can all understand.) And so the Jedi have a different role, in that they’re suddenly having to keep people safe but also keep them calm, and react to a threat that they didn’t even know was coming.

Through the comic, especially the first arc, we will see the Jedi finding ships that are drifting derelict in space that were just a few hours ago not derelict at all. They’ll see enemies that they thought were opposed to the Republic suddenly in danger from elements within the Republic. They’ll have to cope with all of these things.

And they’ll see real people trying to build new lives out on the frontier and try to work out how to help these people, who will be an inspiration to them.

D.J. Older discussed the IDW title The High Republic Adventures.

StarWars.com: Daniel, what is The High Republic Adventures about?

Daniel José Older: What was supposed to be an educational study abroad-type voyage for a group of Padawans and Yoda becomes suddenly much more serious when they end up face to face with the Nihil, a new, ruthless threat to the Republic.

Lula Talisola and her friends Qort and Farzala must step into their own as young Jedi amidst treachery and danger, and they soon team up with Zeen, Force-sensitive girl from Trymant IV whose destiny seems somehow tied to theirs.

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