Speaking on the Mission: Impossible podcast Light The Fuse, The Rise of Skywalker editor Maryann Brandon and her fellow The Force Awakens editor Mary Jo Markey discussed their thoughts on The Last Jedi and the differing style of storytelling it presented in relation to  the J.J. Abrams directed Episodes VII and IX.

“It was a different take on the Star Wars saga,” Brandon said. “To Rian’s credit, he stuck to what he wanted to do, and he wanted to deconstruct the film and go a different direction, and I know it’s controversial, but isn’t that good?”

Markey added, “It’s very strange to have the second film so consciously undo the storytelling of the first film. I’m sorry, that’s what it felt like. I don’t even feel like that’s true about the third film. It took where the second film ended and tried to tell a story, I didn’t feel like it was consciously trying to… it didn’t feel that way.”

You can listen to episode 94 of Light The Fuse in full below.

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