James Arnold Taylor interviews 5 Princess Leia voice artists

Yesterday would have been the 62nd birthday of Carrie Fisher and to celebrate that, James Arnold Taylor interviewed 5 (yes, FIVE!) voice actresses who have played Leia in a variety of TV shows and computer games. He caught up with Misty Lee who voiced Princess Leia in Battlefront 1 and 2, Julie Dolan who was young Leia in Star Wars Rebels, Cat Taber who voiced Princess Leia on Star Wars Detours (Google it kids) and The Force Unleashed, Shelby Young who was Leia in Forces of Destiny and Anna Graves who was Leia in Disney Infinity 3.0.

Here’s JAT’s interview with the lovely Ladies of Leia! JAT talks with Julie Dolan, Anna Graves, Misty Lee, Catherine Taber, and Shelby Young about their experiences voicing the galaxies most famous Princess and their love for the amazing Carrie Fisher who we all have to thank for this iconic female hero!