It might not be the weightiest answer even given regarding motivation for playing a character in a Star Wars film, but you can’t fault Jason Isaacs for displaying plenty of enthusiasm. Having played characters in a swathe of genre shows including Star Trek Discovery, the hugely underrated The OA, Captain Hook in Pan, Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter series and many more, he was asked which of the many animated voice characters he has played would he most like to play in live action – his answer;

“I’d be the Inquisitor from Star Wars Rebels, because he has the coolest lightsaber in the entire Star Wars universe, the spinning red lightsaber.”

So there it is, brief but no mistake – Jason Isaac would bring the Grand Inquisitor to live action life if he could, and the sales pitch would be that magnificent lightsaber.

Star Wars Rebels Inquisitor 31-Inch Action Figure
  • - Figurine de 80cm de la série Rebels : Inquisitor- 7 points d'articulation, sabre laser inclus.