Michelle Ang talks The Bad Batch and the role of Omega, revealing her thoughts on the character and how taking the role wasn’t her first foray into the Star Wars universe.

And even though Ang and Omega may not look similar at first glance, getting to use her natural-born accent was a gift. In fact, as Ang speaks by telephone from an undisclosed set, the voice on the other end of the line could easily be mistaken for Omega all grown up. “It’s nice for me, in terms of representation. It’s not my face on this project — it’s just my voice,” Ang says. “But as someone who might not visually be what the world thinks of when they think New Zealander, because I am of Chinese/Malaysian descent, on a personal level it was great to be embraced for who I was and all of my different identity spheres.”

Ang has been acting on screen for more than two decades, including an Emmy-nominated role as Alex on Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462, and although The Bad Batch is her first foray into the galaxy far, far away, it wasn’t her first audition to step into Star Wars. “This is really moving for me to be part of Star Wars,” Ang says, revealing that she also auditioned for a part in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. “The feeling of losing out to that was really huge and quite heartbreaking. So it’s quite nice it have it come full circle and still get to play with all of you.”


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