Over at Jedi News, Steve Galloway rolls out the second part of their interview with Alan Dean Foster, following on from last weeks segment. This week they discuss, among other things, the reappearance of Mimban into official canon via Solo: A Star Wars Story.

We spoke about Mimban earlier in the interview and when Disney acquired Lucasfilm, ‘Splinter’ became a Legend and no longer canon. Yesterday (7th February 2018), we had some announcements about ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’, where what had been rumours that Mimban was returning to canon were now confirmed. How did you find out about Mimban returning?

I was putzing around on the web and I ran into things and I forget which blog or website it was on. I do still follow all these universes that I’ve been involved with, whether it be ‘Star Wars’, ‘Star Trek’, ‘Aliens’ or any of the others I’ve been involved with because it’s fun. Low and behold there it was and I thought, yeah I remember that! It’s kind of nice to see what they do. Are they just going to take the name or do they use a bit more from ‘Splinter’, which they are perfectly entitled to do. This is what happens when you work for hire. You are selling absolutely everything, it’s just business, you go into it with an open mind or you don’t. It would be fun to see some of the other stuff from the book in the film and that would be cute, yeah that would be nice. I think it’s good that they pick and choose stuff from the expanded universe, because it offers a lot of material that is already there and some of those things fans really enjoy. We will see what the future brings with that as well.