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StarWars.com catch up with the author of the superb The Star Wars Archives author Paul Duncan to discuss the making of the book and working at close quarters with George Lucas.

Imagine a 600-page book that could not only show you the history of the classic Star Wars trilogy like never before, but could also transport you to Tunisia, or Elstree Studios, as a young filmmaker named George Lucas forged his legacy. Picture yourself at Skywalker Ranch, or in the halls of Lucasfilm in San Francisco, with unrestricted access to more than four decades’ worth of Star Wars archives. What might it be like to know and see all that’s gone into the making of these beloved movies, with Lucas himself as your personal guide? This, it seems, was not too much to ask for film historian Paul Duncan, author of the new XXL-sized chronicle from Taschen Books: The Star Wars Archives. This weighty tome is a film enthusiast’s dream. After getting our hands on a copy, StarWars.com rang up the author to find out just how much work goes into a project like this — and what it’s like to spend three days in conversation with George Lucas.

We reviewed the book this weekend – no secret, it’s a fabulous read – you can order a copy below and stay tuned as we will be chatting with Paul early next year.

The Star Wars Archives. 1977-1983
  • Paul Duncan
  • Publisher: TASCHEN
  • Hardcover: 604 pages