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Ziro.hu have nabbed a super interview with Attila Vajda, the actor behind Sagwa, the emaciated wookiee we see Chewbacca help free in the Kessel scenes of the brilliant Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Vajda could work with the first director-duo – Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were fired by Disney over creative differences and were followed by Hollywood director Ron Howard. Vajda says there had been problems during production but elaborated no further. He started shooting the movie with Ron Howard, who radiated peace and confidence.

“He is an outstanding director, radiating security, understanding and kindness – I didn’t felt like I am in a totally new place”.

said Attila Vajda. He said everyone was very professional and nice, they never lacked anything. Vajda himself is not a hardcore Star Wars-fan, but his minimal background knowledge helped him to act spontaneously and find everything during the filming interesting. He added: “At the end I felt a bit joyless when we had to part ways because it became a familiar place”.