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Our friend Bence Földi over at Ziro.hu caught up with artist Chris Glenn, who came up with the concept of the hinged double-bladed lightsaber for The Clone Wars, a design that has resurfaced in The Rise of Skywalker.

Where did the idea come from to make a hinged lightsaber?

This idea came about in early Season 4 of The Clone Wars . I designed a large Jedi named Pong Krell, and he had four arms. The idea from Dave Filoni was to give him two sets of double-lightsabers like Darth Maul. So after designing the character, I designed the lightsaber props as well. The problem was because Pong Krell was so big, the lightsabers had to be bigger as well to fit his hands. Which meant they were too long to hang from his belt. So the choice was to either have them attach to his back, or design a way for them to fold.

What did you think when it appeared in the D23 reel of The Rise of Skywalker ?

I thought it was fun to see. There’s a ton of designs and content created for all the Star Wars properties, and it’s common for ideas to travel between different projects. If a design didn’t work for an episode, it might show up later in a comic book or toy.