Here’s a heart-warming story about Star Wars bringing families together. Determined to make his son Samuels 8th birthday extra special, Ben Affleck arranged for a day away from set, but circumstances meant the presents meant for his son didn’t arrive on time. But, sometimes the bad guys do good and Kylo Ren – Adam Driver to be more precise – came through in the nick of time.

“My son knows that I do movies that are kind of fake, and his Mom does movies, and that’s all pretend, but he also knows that Star Wars is real. There’s guys out there fighting the Emperor and that job needs to get done, and I can do my fake bull**** and some people can do an important job.”

“I told him, I’m actually in this movie with Kylo Ren, and his mind kind of opened in two. he was like’ But Dad, how? How do you know Kylo Ren, are you going to space?’

‘We had presents set up and everything was getting shipped and sent, and I was gonna pick it up and go to his surprise party. ‘So it meant I had to show up to my son’s party with no gift for him, and there was this sort of sinking, awful feeling.’

Fortunately, Adam Driver heard it was Ben’s sons birthday, contacted Affleck’s assistant for the address and sent the presents, which included a signed a card and picture of Kylo Ren.

‘So I took those presents and went to see my son. I watched him open all the other presents, and then I said, “Sam, my presents didn’t get here on time. But I did get a present from somebody who really wanted to make sure you got a gift,” and he was like, “Who?”And I said, “Kylo Ren”‘.

‘He opened the presents and I played him the video, and it was an incredibly moving and powerful moment. Adam made me a hero to my kid, and I will never, ever, ever forget that.’

A reminder, as if we needed it, that Star Wars holds a very special and powerful place in people’s lives.