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The build-it-yourself prop replica costume accessory kit for Boba Fett’s lethal weapon is available for pre-order via Anovos, giving you the chance to put together your very own EE-3 blaster. It’s due to arrive first quarter 2020, sometime between 1st January and 31st March.

ANOVOS is excited to now offer the STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI Boba Fett™ EE-3 Blaster Kit.

Among Boba Fett’s impressive array of bounty hunter’s tools, he carried an EE-3 Blaster, including his time working for the notorious Jabba the Hutt™.

Our 1:1 prop replica costume accessory is provided as a build-it-yourself kit. It ships in seven parts, and requires clean-up and physical assembly. This kit was developed with details recreated using 3D scans, measurements, and photographs taken of the original screen-used production assets.
Easy-to-assemble parts are made of durable and lightweight safety orange rigid polyurethane.
Tools and glue are not included.
Assembly instructions provided via pdf download.
Items are subject to change in availability and features.
This is a non-functioning costume accessory.
This is not a toy and not intended for children.
This item ships only to U.S. and is exclusively available through ANOVOS.
$225.00 USD.

Star Wars : Legion - Boba Fett Operative Exp
  • The first operative expansion for Star Wars: Legion.
  • Add infamous bounty Hunter Boba Fett to your Imperial Army as an operative.
  • Issue orders to Boba Fett and make use of the many weapons hidden in his Mandalorian armor.
  • Includes one unpainted, easily assembled Boba Fett miniature.
  • An assortment of upgrade cards gives you the freedom to shape your armies however you choose.