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Our pals over at Brick Fanatics take a look at some interesting news, that exclusive sets could be coming to LEGOLAND resorts, specifically the Star Wars Miniland Experience.

Brick Fanatics notes that the packaging for the sets, which lacks a barcode, makes them unlikely to be a gift with purchase or intended for sale. There are two likely scenarios that might see these sets distributed;

LEGO Star Wars weekends are coming up at the LEGOLAND California Resort, where a goody bag is provided to AFOLs who exhibit a model during the event. As these are in clear bags with what will presumably turn out to be printed instructions, that fits the pattern of sets produced in a small quantity for a special purpose. FBTB arrange the fan display, for anyone who is interested in participating.

Another possible purpose for these sets is as a make-and-take opportunity. Such builds do not tend to be in typical fancy packaging, but rather a clear bag with unclear contents. Particularly strict staff do not allow the bags to be taken away sealed, insisting that the bag is opened there and then. In recent years, though, such builds are in clear polybags with barcodes. So this may be a less likely possibility.

More information will be shared as soon as it is available.

And when it’s available, you’ll read about it right here.