Over on Echo Base Modern Facebook Group customiser Jim Godfrey had a fantastic story to share.  This is what he had to say

So a guy I’ve made a number of custom figures for (he’s a writer/producer) asked if I’d do him a custom carded SW figure of someone he works with as a belated xmas gift to them…

… turns out this “someone” was none other than legendary Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz and he wanted a figure of Gary looking how he looked during the filming of the original trilogy!

So I want for the classic crew-parka look from the filming of the Hoth scenes in Norway.

I know the picture doesn’t quite convey it, but apparently he was over the moon with it  🙂

The vintage action figure pieces are inspirational, I hope Hasbro takes note of how these should be done!

This is so cool I hope it makes its way to the Kurtz / Joiner archive.