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It was always the James Bond staple, the blatant product placement that saw a certain car or watch featured as Her Majesty’s top spy fought evil around the world, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that Star Wars would never see such chicanery. Think again, with the arrival of Galaxy’s Edge there will be Star Wars props introduced in Disney’s newest park expansion that will be arriving in a variety of different Star Wars media.

Global Merchandise Franchise head T. Brad Schoenenberg, speaking at the recent opening of The Rise of the Resistance ride, went into more detail.

“Jedi: Fallen Order was the first of other place where you see those stories. It’s not just Savi’s. It’s everything in the land. We have product that showed up in episode one of The Mandalorian. I just sent another round of product to The Mandalorian for season 2. So you’ll continue to see everything embedded in this broader storytelling.”

“Working with Doug Chiang [Vice President and Creative Director of Star Wars] on the design of the lightsaber pieces for actual Savi’s, we designed them a lot in-house with the parks merchandise designers and teams. Then we’d go meet with Doug and team. We’d all make changes together with Lucasfilm story and bring them back. Finally when we got to the last set of pieces, Doug said we’re going to need all the 3D copies because we plan to use these in the video game. You’ll see them in content coming up and see them kind of take on new life.”