The opportunity to add the legend Harrison Ford to your personal items is almost upon us. A day that many said would never happen will soon be a day long remembered as the first Harrison Ford autograph send-in is coming soon.

Here is the official word from the Star Wars Autograph Universe Facebook page

KLF Sports x Coolwaters Productions will be doing an private exclusive send in for HARRISON FORD.

Derek Maki has been the SW autograph business from the beginning. KLF Sports has exclusives with actors such as Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, and Al Pacino.

SWAU is the exclusive send in partner with KLF and has done send in for Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Al Pacino and Laura Dern.

It’s real everyone! Just like how everyone doubted the Daisy Ridley signing….

More information coming!

Pricing and dates for submitting items have yet to be confirmed but should be announced in the coming weeks with the signing due to take place sometime in 2019. Be sure to follow Star Wars Autograph Universe to keep up with developments on this exclusive signing and other upcoming private signings and send-in opportunities.