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Back in April at Star Wars Celebration Chicago during the Hasbro panel there was absolute joy when Hasbro’s Patrick Schneider confirmed that some of the Celebration and SDCC exclusives would be available at other conventions later in the year.  Included in that list was London MCM Comic Con (at the excel center 25-27 October 2019).

The exclusives mentioned were:

Star Wars: The Black Series 6 inch Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace packaging.

Star Wars: The Black Series “Kenner” Boba Fett (un-boxing video below)

Star Wars: The Vintage Collection – Luke Skywalker “Jedi Destiny” 3 pack (unboxing video below)


However over the last week some of the collector groups have heard word that there would not be a retail offering at the Hasbro booth at London MCM Comic Con and naturally this lead to many of us asking if this meant that Hasbro would not deliver on their promise to ensure that these exclusives were available to buy next month.

We reached out to Hasbro UK who clearly understood the concern and responded with this reply.

A couple of online retailers have indicated that they will be getting stock in and will be present at London MCM Comic Con but until we have the official list we will hold back stating who will be selling the exclusives.

However hearing that Hasbro have things covered is great news for those of us who were waiting patiently to get these excellent figures in person when they went to London MCM Comic Con next month.

We are entering the next phase of conventions where traditionally Hasbro reveal new products that will be with us in the future (starting at New York Comic Con next month) and of course Fantha Tracks will be there to report on things. So don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (and subscribe to Fantha Tracks TV on you tube) to get the latest news.