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While there may be a certain element of controversy behind it, the potential release of Jabba’s Sail Barge by Hasbro has taken the collecting world by storm. Our own lucky mascot Dave Tree discussed it on Fantha Tracks TV this week, and along with the points he raised another question was, will this mega release see some of the denizens of the Khetanna released in the return of The Vintage Collection?

Well that’s a resounding yes! With the Sail Barge currently well over the thousand order mark on its way to the desired 5000, Hasbro reveal the first two of their proposed Sail Barge characters.

Klaatu (Skiff Guard) reporting for duty! Coming to The Vintage Collection in 2019.

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Joining Yak Face in TVC during 2019 is another much-loved Return of the Jedi classic. Check out Klaatu in this beautiful sculpt.

It’s definitely worth mentioning that there are no guarantees that the Sail Barge will ever see the light of day. The magic 5000 number needs to be reached to make the grade in North America, and only then will the rest of the world have any chance of seeing it arrive around the planet.