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With Solo: A Star Wars Story just 6 weeks away, the products supporting the film have started coming out and among the waves of products comes Mattel Hot Wheels collection, including this dashing Lando Calrissian character car.

io9 take a look at these new releases and why it’s such a cool design.

All my life I’ve been told that a car with a cape is an incredibly stupid idea. Magnificent childhood doodles were critiqued for being “aerodynamically-challenged,” and “downright dangerous to other vehicles on the road.” But 35 years after I abandoned my crayons, Hot Wheels and Star Wars have finally proven that a car with a cape is a legitimately awesome idea.

The Han Solo and Chewbacca rides aren’t without their charms, but it’s the low-riding Lando Calrissian vehicle, complete with a majestic flowing cape and fins on the back, that will be worth your four hard-earned dollars. In the past, Hot Wheels has turned some of its Star Wars character cars into real-life working vehicles, including the Vadermobile, and a four-wheeled version of the X-wing. So I’m really hoping they do the same for Lando’s new whip, showing the world how excellent a caped car can be.